About the author

Franz Xaver Beisser was born in Munich, Germany in 1940. His early life was marked by hunger, cold and fear in war-torn Germany. The sirens, bombs and subsequent evacuation and life in the country without his father taught him and his family many lessons of survival and perseverance. There was mistrust, poverty, and a deep sadness from losing baby twin sisters and wondering if his father would ever come home.

After seven years of waiting his father was declared dead. His mother remarried, and in 1955, the family immigrated to the United States of America to pursue a better life. The work ethic and determination forged in Germany has served Franz well. He has been a successful teacher, artist, business owner, inventor and entrepreneur. He is also a husband, father of three grown men, grandfather, and devout Christian involved in his church and public speaking.

Soon after immigrating to America, Franz resolved to master the English language without the benefit of formal training. Never one to be satisfied and needing a way to practice his skill, he wrote and self-published an autobiographical book: A Time and Place, The Making of an Immigrant. The passing of his first wife led him to write an ambitious memoir titled Remembering Emily, published in 2003. Since 2005, Franz has been pursuing his long lost father, considered Missing In Action, in writing his first work of fiction: Red Solstice.

Although he has lived in the United States of America over 55 years, he still speaks and writes with a distinct German accent, as any reader of his work will soon discover.